the only law is bone law

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i like bugs, monsters, dinosaurs, kaiju, science, mecha, stupid jokes and nerd shit

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this is not the first time i’ve clicked on some random object in swtor and been whisked away to who fuckin knows where

i’ve written over 5000 words in this star wars fic, which is about an au version of my ocs, so i am basically king of the horrible nerds

they were supposed to be the sith inq/jedi consular from swtor but if those classes turned out to be giant losers instead of super cool heroes/baddies

guys. guys. NO ONe is responding to my posts right now. Has the obama administration, NATO, etc hellbanned me from the internet. HELP 

hm…. pretty sure i was the last one to use the bathroom but the toilet seat is up.. i ALWAYS close it when im done.. smells like a false flag operation