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fun fact: you don’t cure depression by telling me i have nothing to be sad about

another fun fact: you dont cure anxiety by just getting up and doing whatever it is that makes you anxious

yeah. exposure therapy works to a degree sometimes, but 1) the person has to be willing and able and 2) either putting THEMSELVES through it or using the help of a trained professional. 

despite my intense phone anxiety, i had a job where i had to do phone tech support almost daily (with me often initiating calls) for almost two years. in my next job i had to often attend and sometimes even organize intra-department / international conference calls. after all that i STILL have huge hangups about calling or answering the phone. it helped *somewhat*, but i’m not at all cured. 

coleopteragirl asked: Since you're following my blog, does that technically make it a food porn blog?



i actually DID eat a bunch of bugs at bugfest on saturday! it was nice to be able to practice what i preach, lol. some of the food was gross, but not because of the bugs

the first thing was mealworms in grits… i’m fine with the mealworms, but just the sight/smell of grits makes me queasy

there was a pecan brittle thing with.. i think either cricket or mealworm flour + mealworms chopped up into it. that was okay, but it was WAY too sweet

there was some stir fry with crickets in it, which was probably the best thing. little salty and dry though

and the last thing was chocolate-dipped crickets in.. sweet potato ice cream. again, i couldn’t even taste the bugs, but the sweet potato ice cream was a little weird. 

the worst part about eating (whole) bugs is that they have sharp crunchy bits, so it’s kind of the same effect as eating popcorn sometimes (but popcorn leaves a lot more crap/irritates my teeth way more in experience)

as long as i’m on the subject, i might as well mention chirps, which i’ll review when i get my kickstarter order from them (that campaign is over, but i think you can still preorder through their site). it’s an all-woman run company too :O 

zodiac horoscopes!!! :^)





aries: fedora loving trash
taurus: dead
gemini: half dead
cancer: loud
leo: dead
virgo: gay
libra: obnoxious
scorpio: evil
sagittarius: dead
capricorn: high as hell
aquarius: dead
pisces: dead

why can’t pisces be high as hell i wanna be high as hell

virgo: gay

What the hell I got fedora loving trash, I don’t even own a fedora.

i’m disappointed in myself because i almost instantly recognized this as a homestuck joke